Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Trapped in an Endless to do list?

Have you ever experience finding yourself so overwhelmed because your TO-DO list seems endless? And with a very limited time to accomplished such tasks.

I know that here are many aspects of our lives that requires our constant attentions like businesses, works, studies, sports, and whatever it is that needs not only our attention but our precious time as well. If you are not careful of how you use your time you may end up spending less time in the things that really matters most.
It may be a perfect time to review your Priorities and decide what's important and what is not, then focus or make a high priority on the things that would give you real happiness as you do this things i promised you that everything will fall into it's place and you'll find even more time to do the things you need to do.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Do things today- and not regret one day

The details of your life and my lifemay differ, We may be born on a different year, different places, or under a different circumstances, But I know all of us grew up in a place called home. It could be you grew up with your adoptive parents, or a grandparents, your relatives, or with your own parents and siblings, or you may be living with the family you are making now, or you may be dreaming what kind of family you hope to have someday, Each of us holds some precious memories of our home and families.

For me when I think of home I cant resist thinking of my mom's cooking, the song she used to sing to us, and her words of advice, and her gentle care. I am also reminded how delicious my father's freshly cached fish are. And of course who will ever forget my siblings noise. I would always love to treasure the time when we as a family gathered together during evening, watched the stars, share our experiences at school and so many more activities that we used to do together, And you know what, now that I'm living far away from them, I missed them, I wished I had been a better daughter to my parents and better sister to my siblings than I was.

What about you? What's your last memory of Home? or If your living away, what are their last memories of you? If you are still living with your parents or if you are a parent what are the things you are doing now to create a better home and a better relationship with your family and loved ones? think of your relationship with those you love, is it good enough or is there something that you may need to change and improve? if your answer is YES, Now is the right time to do better and be better, do not procrastinate the things that really matters most in life. here are some of the things that i though might be helpful as you strive to improve your relationship with your loved ones:
1.) Never Assume - One of the common mistake most of us are guilty is that too often we assume that our loved ones already knew that we love them. We must never assume, Ask yourself, when was that last time you give you parents, sister, daughter and people that are special to you a hug? If that was over a year a ago now is the perfect time to do it. Always express and show your love to them while the sun still shines or else you may fill your days with regrets for not expressing what you really feel about them.

2.)Do not take our loved ones for granted - We live in a very busy world when lots of things requires our time and attention, too often we are so caught up with the business of the world that we often fail to take time to pause, to take time to listen, to spend time with our love ones. A simple tap at their backs will do, or a simple words of encouragement would make great a difference. Never let a day pass by without doing something that would let them know they are important to you.
3.) Live today as if it is your last day. It means to make the most of today without any reservation to love and to live. Life is special, savor it now.

As you do this things you will become much aware of your loved ones feelings, your appreciation for them will grow and relationship with them will improve and therefore you can conclude that you are really living your life to the fullest, and you will be a lot happier than ever.